Avia Business Suites

Arriving to Finland for a business trip?
Avia Business Suites is our concept for business travellers.
Stay over night near Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and next morning go to a new working day with a refreshing start.
Service package includes
- Apartment within 10 minutes shuttle drive from the Airport
  (min 40 sqm, bedroom, living room and fully equipped kitchen)
  (private sauna - limited amount of apartments)
  (max 2 persons in apartment)
- Free door-to-door Airport Shuttle 24/7
- Breakfast items delivered on arrival day to your Suite fridge
FIRST; make a reservation.
Select Avia Business Suites on booking page.
You will receive confirmation of successful booking, incl reservation number.
Then please fill in Shuttle order form on this page.


Make a reservation for door-to-door Shuttle